Our Expertise

Range of


Committee Advisory.

Over 14 years Of Management Experience

Wijaya Consultants advise & guide developers & residents on the formation of Joint Management Body (JMB) and subsequently, Management Corporations (MC) on issuance of Strata Titles. We also produce comprehensive overviews and plans for setting up Resident Associations (RA). We undertake a robust annual income & expenditure annual budget for AGMs as well as EGMs. We will also recommend fixed deposit placements and tenure together with cash flow projections.

From arrears management, reminders, legal demands / actions, caveat charges to maintenance works, we take care every single aspects for property management

Strata Title Management.

Condominiums | apartments| buildings

As your management team, we discharge the duties professionally as mandated by your committee. We will manage all property & building operational issues, compliance licenses, accounting for documents & inventories, contractual warranties, conduct inspections, resolve technical defects, communicate with your residents & tenants and manage feedback.

Our duties also include monthly operational and technical reports. We serve  you with the highest quality from ISO standards.

Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru

Non Strata Title Management.

Housing | Factories | Lands

Our team handles your properties with the higest service level competency for estate owners & housing districts.
Similiar to strata properties, we manage your committee or management needs like shared facilities maintenance, vendor & contractor services, security facilities & legal commitments in property management.

It is our duty to correspond with your residents & tenants on your behalf as mandated by your management or committee rules & regulations.

Accounting & Financial.

Qualified Finance Team Assistance

Wijaya provides the right efficiency for your building management & maintenance with systematic billing & collection of fees and funds from your residents and tenants. We also advise prudent financial budget control practices to help to manage your committee funds with accordance of Malaysia’s stipulated property & housing laws.

This includes, but not limited to, Service Charges Collection, Water Charges, Sinking Fund, Insurance, Quit Rent Collection, Monthly Financial Reports & discrepancy control.

Facility Services

Facilities Management.

Comprehensive Services

We deploy & supervise trained staff & servicing vendors / contractors to achieve optimal standards and services for the maintenance of your property facilities. Wijaya performs on-site inspections to ensure all building facilities are maintained in tip top conditions with our best practices.

Our services include, but not limited to Lift Services, Refuse Collection, Pest Control, Renovation, Facilities Upgrading, Electrical Services, Pool / Water Services, Fire Drills & Emergency Plumbing Works.


Enjoy a beautiful place

Almost everyone likes the outdoors. It is not difficult to create tranquility within your residential compounds and gardens. 

With our professional landscape architect who specialised in plant life maintenance, we design, maintain and take excellent care of your internal and external landscaping better than others.


Security Management.

A safe environment for your loved ones

It is the most important aspect for our security team to maintain peace & order for our property residents & tenants.

Our services include, but not limited to, Security Guards, Auxiliary Police, Visitor Management Systems (VMS), 24/7 Response Teams & CCTV Systems.